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Career Changing Mentor Testimonial I recently had the pleasure of working with Nikki and found her service to be outstanding. I’ve since made a number of contacts and taken the correct steps in heading towards the career I have always wanted. This simply couldn’t have been achieved without her help, thanks again Nikki. Ben – Brisbane – Queensland

Recruitment Client Testimonial I am more than happy to provide this reference for Nikki Taylor as a credible and reliable recruiter. Nikki first assisted me in 2011 with recruitment and our business has continued to work with Nikki to place several new team members within our organisation. Nikki is very professional and offers fast and efficient results. A pleasure to work with Nikki! Tracey Lake – Brisbane Queensland

10 reasons why a mentor is for you!

1. Mentors provide you with information & knowledge

2. Mentors can see where you need to improve when often you cannot

3. Mentors find way to stimulate your personal & professional growth

4. Mentors offer encouragement & help to keep you going

5. Mentors are disciplinarians that create necessary boundaries that you cannot set for yourself

6. Mentors are sounding boards so you can bounce ideas off them for an unfiltered opinion

7. Mentors are trusted advisors

8. Mentors can be connectors

9. Mentors have the experience that you can learn from to prevent making the same mistakes that others make

10. Mentors are an investment for your future

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