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The future depends on what you do today – “Mahatma Gandhi”

Life Made Easy, LME – was born by two entrepreneurial business owners – Richard & Nikki Taylor, a safe haven where you can get the guidance and support in your next move. This includes career transition coaching and mentoring, some of their previous clients include those seeking a career change, business owners who are stuck, startups that don’t know where to begin, grad students looking to “whats next”  and our forever growing mature workforce. 

When you engage Richard & Nikki, they will take you under their wing and guide you in the direction you need, they will assist you in staying motivated as well as staying on track. To become who we need to be, we all need support and guidance at some stage of our lives, whether that is in our career or business, someone to ask the right questions, at the right time. 

This is all about you finding your passion, figuring out what to do with your life, exploring your interests, and much more. So, let’s work together!

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us:

Richard has quite the knack when it comes to understanding the needs, goals and objectives of his clients on an individual level. He was able to quickly identify some strategies to set me up for success for career transition, and offer some pointers to make my strengths and qualities more identifiable in the job market across multiple channels/platforms. Kurt – Brisbane – QLD

I recently booked a session with Nikki as part of a role re-deployment prompted by a business re-structure. From the moment I met Nikki, I felt at ease. Nikki has the uncanny knack of identifying key individual attributes with very little background information. This is a talent not many people possess and should be commended. Nikki helped me to see the hidden potential I had no idea even existed. Nikki gave me the confidence to explore new opportunities which I fully intend to do. Nikki’s positive attitude is infectious. I highly recommend booking a session should you wish to challenge your current ways of thinking about your career. Thanks Nikki! Hamish – Brisbane – QLD

I was very fortunate to meet Richard. I had been working in the Aviation Industry for almost 15 years and had lost touch with the “outside world” and recruitment process externally. Richard’s knowledge and expertise in career coaching and LinkedIn helped me progress through to interviews for 2 roles outside of aviation within a matter of 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Richard as he will actually take the time to listen and explain in detail what is required to be done to give one the best chance possible to get the dream job! Thank you Richard! Alex – Brisbane – QLD

Nikki is an experienced and motivated career coach, willing to tailor her programs to the individual needs of her clients. She helped me refine my resume and highlighted alternative career options that suited my skill set. Paul – Brisbane – QLD

Richard is a highly professional mentor/coach with extensive experience in the career transition space…he is warm, friendly and well connected and has been able to link me up with potential referrals and collaborators. Every weekly session with Richard, I come away with new things to implement and some encouragement to keep going and to take action. For instance, he showed me how to become easier to search on LinkedIn and ways to get the most out of hashtags. I have found having a regular accountability partner has made me both more willing to experiment and more enthusiastic about my own business. Thanks Richard! Elizabeth – Melbourne – VIC

Nikki is a brilliant mentor and coach. She is very knowledgeable and helped me launch my startup and gain traction within the Recruitment industry. Nikki assisted with a combination of mentoring, planning sessions, provisions of resources and templates and most of all encouragement, motivation and a wealth of her experience. I would highly recommend Nikki if you are looking for a career change, thinking of launching a new startup business or need some guidance on your career journey! Kristian – Adelaide – SA

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10 reasons why you need a mentor or coach

1. We will provide you with information & knowledge

2. We can see where you need to improve when often you are unable to

3. We find ways to stimulate your personal & professional growth

4. We offer encouragement & help to keep you going

5. We are accountability partners working together with you

6. We are sounding boards so you can bounce ideas off us for an unfiltered opinion

7. We are trusted advisors

8. We are connectors

9. We have the experience that you can learn from to prevent you from making the same mistakes that others make

10. We are an investment for your future

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