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Many of the most successful people in business and life have had mentors – people who have helped, mentored and advised them in their business and careers. So why does having a mentor make  such a difference.

Nikki Taylor and Richard Taylor have mentored numerous business people and job seekers  and sees this as an important part of their business  at Life Made Easy.

Imagine these top 5 reasons why you should have a mentor

1. Mentoring cements a learning culture in your life

“We’re responsible for our own learning and by seeking a mentor you are creating an opportunity to grow, which is what you need if you really want to be successful and take action on daily basis. Nikki shares.

2. Mentoring is a great source of support and advice

Richard says mentoring does not have to be formal – informal mentoring is also very valuable. Many of our meetings are done via Video call or cafe if we are in the same location.  We run weekly calls.

3. Formal mentoring assists with goal setting

According to Nikki a formal mentoring relationship is a great way to set clear business and career initiatives and goal setting. “It’s about creating a clear view of the future and what  success means to you. It also makes you accountable for your own business or career goals.”

4. Mentoring gives you inspiration… as well as perspective

“Spending time with someone you admire leads to better decision making,” says Nikki. “Someone else’s perspective can influence your own perspective and help you think outside the box,” she adds. Nikki shares her message that if you hang out with me long enough I will brainwash you into thinking you can do anything.

5. Mentoring is a great way to expand your networks

“Starting a mentoring relationship with someone outside your own sphere of influence is a great way to start mixing in a new area and also gives you the opportunity to influence your mentor’s peers. It can really help you access people you normally wouldn’t come into contact with and open up new career opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have,” Nikki says.