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LME Mentoring with Nikki & Richard – who are we?

A B O U T   U S 

Nikki & Richard Taylor are an energetic, motivated, inspiring, authentic couple in business today working as mentors, career changers and much more. Previous businesses that they have owned include 2 national recruitment companies and together they now offer their vast experience of over 25 years combined experience in Mentoring to assist people looking at career changes and personal growth as well as business mentors.

N I K K I 

Nikki started her recruitment career in 2002 working for a National Recruitment agency, then moved to a Corporate International agency prior to starting her own company in 2005. Nikki now uses her wealth of industry knowledge combined with her mentoring skills to work one on one with her clients on a daily basis. Nikki takes absolute pride in working with all of her clients, making a difference to all involved.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Nikki understands the situation you’re in. If you were someone… anyone, needing professional career advice – I strongly recommend Nikki. Leomare – QLD  

Nikki can also offer mindfulness sessions to her clients with a focus on being present and encourages active listening skills along with many mindfulness practice options available. Combine this with her every day techniques in mentoring, interview skills and much more and you get the complete package. Nikki’s business experience will give you the advantage as a client looking for mentoring, either in your business or in your career. 

Nikki is the author of Be Inspired published in 2017 and this is available to purchase here Buy the book here  Be Inspired is a compilation of stories from 50 women from around the World, sharing their stories, their challenges, the good times & the bad – no age limits, no judgements and no barriers. 


Richard started his Recruitment and Mentoring career in 2007, after previously owning 2 businesses, of which and recruiting & mentoring team members was a large part of his role. He now has the advantage of over 20 years of working with people at all different levels and he has spent the last decade making a difference for many of his clients in a special way.

This includes working with people who are “stuck: in their career right through to creating new careers with people who never dreamed that they could work in such different careers. Richard has been dealing with people at all levels and everyday he passes on his knowledge giving you “the mentoring advantage” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I literally got my foot in the door of the commercial industry within a few days thanks to the mentoring I received from Richard. I was really blown away with the way that Richard was able to do this so quickly. Results speak for themselves and it was worth every penny, thanks Richard. Conor – QLD 

N I K K I   &  R I C H A R D 

Richard & Nikki have been together as an empowering dynamic couple since 1993 blending their families of 4 children that are now grown adults. Richard & Nikki travel regularly and work the laptop lifestyle when they can. #laptoplifestyle 

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