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Why Not Invest in Yourself Today?

LinkedIn AUDIT2 hour’s Coaching
Face to Face or Virtual
$395.00 incl GST

Suitable for LinkedIn users at all levels you choose from either 2 X 60 or 4 X 30 minute sessions.

In our sessions we will revamp and optimise your LinkedIn profile (& company page together) making sure that we cover off on all of the basics for today’s LinkedIn searchers. We will also de-mystify and explain the LinkedIn process for you so that you will take-way tips and tricks that savvy people are using today to get noticed. The LinkedIn game has changed and both job seekers & business owners alike are using this dynamic tool to find employment or customers. We will also show you how to expand your network and have  professional conversations via LinkedIn that will get you real results. You will:

✓ Enhance your profile

✓ Headline & job title creation

✓ Making commercially “viable” connections

✓ Navigating through the uncertainty of LinkedIn

I needed a revamp on looking for work, applying for jobs, writing effective CVs and cover letters and making a LinkedIn profile that worked for me rather than be just an electronic version of my resume. With help from Richard I have gone from 20-30 views per week on my LinkedIn page to 500 plus. Thanks Richard for getting me over the crest of a slump. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to boost job prospects. Jonathan – QLD – Australia

Transition Made Easy – Keeping it Simple
2 hours’s Coaching
Face to Face or Virtual
$395.00 incl GST

This package allows you to choose from 2, 3 or 4 sessions for a total of 2 hours coaching. Together we will create our own framework and goals for each session so that you get the maximum benefit from our time together. Because every client is different we have to structure the sessions to meet your requirements making sure we keep the end goal in mind, your best result. 

“Sessions include interview preparation”

What can I say, working with Nikki has been an absolute dream.  She has helped me in a few short weeks realise my own potential. I can easily say that without her guidance I would still be stuck figuring out my next move, Nikki, thank you for your support! Kim – QLD – Australia

unstuck, prepare & plan

3 hour’s Coaching
Face to Face or Virtual
$595.00 incl GST

These options allows you to choose from 6 x 30 minute or 3 x 60 minute sessions, either Face to Face or Video. 

Ever wish you could have  confidential brainstorming conversations with a Career Transition Coach that has also experienced several career transitions? Thats just some of what you will receive with this option.

We find many of our clients are:

1.  Career Stuck in their current role

2.  Curious about a career change?

3.  Graduates ready to enter the workplace.

4.  Career Exit planning

“Sessions include interview preparation”



Coaching Career Mastery

4 hour’s Coaching
Face to Face or Virtual
$795.00 incl GST

You choose any combinations to receive up to 8 sessions or 4 hours of jam packed video or face to face sessions. This package is designed for those who may have lost their way or are unsure “where to turn to” next. Each session is tailored to suit the you – the individual as we all have different needs.

As someone who wants to change career we work with you to create the changes you need or to assist you in advancing in your career. We will develop ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding to you.  You will gain assistance to  determine appropriate action steps that will allow you  to meet your career goals.

“Sessions include interview preparation”

As a professional Coaches,  the guys at LME combine hands-on, results-driven focus with warm empathy. They consulted with me pertaining to my career growth. Through their support, I was able to clarify my strategy, positioning, and optimise my action steps. Their gets to-the-point of the matter through a very practical approach and strong industry knowledge.   Stefano – Tuscany – Italy

Coaching made easy for everyone

8 hour’s Coaching
Face to Face or Virtual
$1495.00 incl GST

This package is designed for anyone includes job seekers, business owners & start ups. You will receive between 8 & 16 video or face to face sessions, up to 8 hours in total, allowing you to take get the right results for you. We will be in your corner supporting you every step of the way with in-depth and comprehensive support during, and between your sessions. The sessions are designed with you on mind, making sure that we get to “discover” what the next stage in your career/life looks like. There is ongoing support after each session as and when required. This package also allows you to be accountable for what we both agree on during our sessions as well as having a sounding board – just for you. *Prior to commencing the package we can establish a plan to obtain the ideal outcome that you are looking for.

As an individual who had worked in the same career for over 25 years, I was looking for redirection and a career change. Richard, with his excellent communication and mentorship skills, was inspirational, encouraging and challenged me to look at different avenues and aspects I had not contemplated. His professional manner coupled with his insight, knowledge and experience in recruitment and business was evident. He is very personable and honest. It was a pleasure working with him. Celia – Christchurch – New Zealand 

Resume/CV & cover letter Redesign

Looking for a brand new resume and cover letter to score that interview? We have partnered with one of the best to assist you – just click on the more info button below to access this service.


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