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Daily feedback suggests that most employers in most sectors of the market are frustrated at the lack of quality, response and pretty much everything else that they get from job boards and traditional recruiters in today’s HR world.

Too often recruiters just flick off resumes to all and sundry hoping to get a paycheck or make that placement without even checking to see if the candidate is qualified for the role, or to see if they even know anything about the company they are going to or they are just plain lazy.

Job boards today are apparently even worse as they dish up to you a multitude of non qualified candidates, candidates that are overseas and looking for a way to get to your country via employment or they have been told by a government employment agency that they have to apply for work to retain their unemployment benefit. The end result – total frustration and an exercise in futility most of the time borne out of the need to fill a position quickly and a highly reactive situation.

The question is – where is the sense in all of that, the entire exercise is not only frustrating but in some cases very expensive with money out the door on “job hoppers” that are only chasing the $ – not the dream role. Add to that the time invested in going through the process to get to the end and still have nothing to show for it.

So you are asking “what is the answer to this problem?” The simple answer is “find yourself a headhunter” that knows how to locate this people that are hidden away working for someone else, probably your competitor actually. You all know who these people are however you all want to “keep the peace” in your industry and no-one wants to be accused of poaching someone else’s team members. So enter the headhunter who will give you the confidentiality that you need as well as the real “edge” in the market today.

As you may or may not be aware the bulk of the talent out there are not even looking for a new job, somewhere near 85% according to recent surveys, yes 85%! So after you have invested on those job board adverts or engaged the traditional recruiter (who most of the time just copied what you did!) how does that make you feel now. Has the frustration increased? Has the faith in the human resources industry gone out the door? many of the candidates in today’s job board worlds are serial appliers and they do just that – apply for EVERYTHING that is available today, no real research done on you or your company and no real compelling reason for them to work for you as you are just the next pay check or stepping stone.

Bring in the headhunter and they will actually take the time to find out what and who you are really looking for and get to understand your culture as well. Yes this may take a little more time than the above methods however in the long run will it really, once you have spent weeks with the traditional methods you will see that the headhunting method works far quicker.

Think about this – you talk to a headhunter, you give them the brief of what you need, maybe even a few names of your best competitors people and then you eat them go and do their stuff, very easy, simple and very cost effective as well. You get to continue working at what you do best – running your company and leave the talent findings to the professionals who will get you what you want.

Why not take the next step and at least make the enquiry – yes it’s not traditional – but haven’t we agreed that this doesn’t work that well anymore?

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