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Why Not Invest in Yourself?

Mentoring made easy for everyone

10 X 60 minute sessions
$1695.00 incl GST

The “premium” 5 STAR

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟package is designed for anyone and can include job seekers, business owners, start ups. This consists of 10 X 60-minute video or phone sessions to take everything to the next level. We will be in your corner supporting you with more in-depth and comprehensive support over your 10 sessions. We ensure that you are heading down the right path with this program. You will receive the ultimate support in your sessions working towards your ideal outcome. *Prior to commencing the package we will establish a plan to obtain the outcome. There is ongoing extensive support after each session. This package as allowing accountability for you offering weekly sessions for 10 or 20 weeks.


Mentoring Career Mastery

5 X 60 minute sessions
$695.00 incl GST

With 5 X 60-minute video or phone sessions. This package is designed for Career Changers and Business Owners all tailored to suit the individual personally for you.

As a Career Changer we work with you to make the changes or advance in your career. As a Career Changer we will  develop ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding to you.  You will gain assistance to  determine appropriate action steps that will allow you  to meet your career goals.



Business accelerator

5 X 60 minutes sessions
$695.00 incl GST

For our Business Owners we will help with strategic planning for your business or endeavour. We will assist in the building of your brand and position you as an expert in your field. You will be more effective in the way you work or manage your business. We know how to  structure organise and schedule your workday so you can get more done in less time. We have the best tools on hand for this. Our ultimate goal is to work with you and your business to assist you through your own  journey as your Mentor. These sessions are tailored to the individual. 

Many of our clients use this package and then step up to the “Mentoring Made Easy For Everyone” to allow ongoing weekly support as required. Some clients re purchase also another package to continue the support. 

LinkedIn AUDIT
2  x 60 minutes sessions
$295.00 incl GST
Suitable for Job Seekers and Business profiles. In these 2 X 60-minute live video sessions we will revamp together and optimise your LinkedIn profile for you to make the right connections. In these two sessions you will take-way tips and tricks that savvy people are using today to get noticed in the world of LinkedIn. Between the sessions you are offered extra support. Our LinkedIn Mentoring empowers job seekers & Business owners facing barriers to grow their careers or business and expand their networks through professional immediate conversations on their LinkedIn profile. Many of our clients receive excellent results on their first session.

One off 90 minute mentoring session 

90 minute session
$195.00 incl GST

A 90-minute video or phone brainstorming mentoring session. Prior to this session, you will be given a personality profile to complete and our  Love & Loath sheet to do. We will brainstorm together to identify what’s driving you, determine the actions to take, explore your inner motivations. This is suitable for those looking for career, business or personal mentoring. This way, by investing in a ONE OFF 90 minute brainstorming session you can gain the perspective you need, which will save you a lot of time and money in the future. Our LME clients have purchased the next package after this one to continue their mentoring sessions weekly.

Mindfulness Mentoring

3 x 60 minute sessions 
$360.00 incl GST
Lets get you started! In these 3 X 60 minute video or phone sessions, we will work together on all aspects of mindfulness. From the beginning, we will establish a new daily routine, work with meditation and create the awareness of being present. Mindfulness is a process of awareness and not thinking. It involves a particular attitude .. one of openness and curiosity. Be mindful … pause … and connect. We will always offer ongoing support after each session.🙏🏼 Namaste

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