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Why Not Invest in Yourself?

let’s get started – suitable for all 

Nikki is an energetic, positive change, motivator. She offers genuine support and guidance as you navigate the job market. Her enthusiasm for my success has been vital during this time of transition. Working with Nikki is the best choice you can make! Shannon – QLD – Australia
$195.00 incl GST

Let’s meet via video or phone to get started,  you select either 1 X 60 minute or 2 X 30 minutes sessions. This is perfect for those who are not sure where to start with a mentor, like many of us. We will work through your challenges and prior to commencing will send you a personality profile as well as a “love and loathe” sheet, to gain some clarification to get an idea of where you are at.

Suitable for:

✓ Active Job Seekers

✓ Business Owners

✓ Mature aged workers

✓ Students – Trainees – Graduates

✓ Parents returning back to work

✓ New to sourcing a Mentor

✓ New to Beginning of Mindfulness


Before seeking assistance from LME  I was stuck and knew I needed a career change plus a resume update, but had no idea where to start. After contacting LME I now have a whole new outlook and having my resume re-created, a LinkedIn profile update and a fresh approach to my cover letters was just the beginning. Michael – NSW – Australia

$195.00 incl GST

Would you entrust the safety of your loved ones with an unqualified mechanic? No WAY! Similarly don’t put your career, potential earnings and future in the hands of a non qualified career specialist.

Your resume is going to be used to make a favourable impression on a prospective employer. It is generally the first impression a potential employer has of you. For this reason, it is often referred to as one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search.

During your phone consultation you will together with your consultant you will lay the foundation for your resume. A first draft will be delivered to you within 3 days. Then, you’ll have 2 to 3 days to provide feedback to your Consultant and you get up to two rounds of revisions. The process typically takes one week. This package includes:

✓ Consultation with specialist

✓ New Resume created

✓ Linkedin critique

LinkedIn AUDIT

I needed a revamp on looking for work, applying for jobs, writing effective CVs and cover letters and making a LinkedIn profile that worked for me rather than be just an electronic version of my resume. With help from Richard I have gone from 20-30 views per week on my LinkedIn page to 500 plus. Thanks Richard for getting me over the crest of a slump. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to boost job prospects.

Jonathan – QLD – Australia

$295.00 incl GST

Suitable for all LinkedIn users, choose with 1 X 90,  2 X 45 or 3 X 30 minute sessions.

In our “live” video sessions we will revamp and optimise your LinkedIn profile & company page together. We will also de-mystify and explain the LinkedIn process for you so that you will take-way tips and tricks that savvy people are using today to get noticed. You will become empowered with LinkedIn and this has allowed both job seekers & business owners facing barriers, to grow their careers or business and expand their networks through professional immediate conversations via LinkedIn. You will:

✓ Enhance your profile

✓ Headline & job title creation

✓ Making commercially “viable” connections

✓ Navigating through the uncertainty of LinkedIn

Transition Made Easy – Keeping it Simple
What can I say, working with Nikki has been an absolute dream.  She has helped me in a few short weeks realise my own potential. I can easily say that without her guidance I would still be stuck figuring out my next move, Nikki, thank you for your support! Kim – QLD – Australia
$395.00 incl GST
You choose from 2, 3 or 4 sessions for a total of 2 hours mentoring/coaching. This package allows us both to create your own framework and goals for each session so that you get the maximum benefit from our time together.

Business accelerator

I highly recommend LME Mentoring as both Nikki and Richard support my business without question or judgement. Recruitment can be a tough gig but with this team guiding my business in the engineering and aeronautical industry, the sky’s the limit. Thanks LME Mentoring your support is invaluable!  Cindy – NSW – Australia

$695.00 incl GST

With you choosing from between 4 – 8 sessions of up to 4 hours of coaching/mentoring for our Business Owners. We will help with strategic planning for your business or endeavour. We will assist in the building of your brand and position you as an expert in your field. You will be more effective in the way you work or manage your business. We know how to  structure organise and schedule your workday so you can get more done in less time. We have the best tools on hand for this. Our ultimate goal is to work with you and your business to assist you through your own  journey as your Mentor. These sessions are tailored to the individual. 

Many of our clients use this package and then step up to the “Mentoring Made Easy For Everyone” to allow ongoing weekly support as required. Some clients re purchase also another package to continue the support. 


Mentoring Career Mastery

As a professional Mentors,  the guys at LME combine hands-on, results-driven focus with warm empathy. They consulted with me pertaining to my career growth. Through their support, I was able to clarify my strategy, positioning, and optimise my action steps. Their gets to-the-point of the matter through a very practical approach and strong industry knowledge.   Stefano – Tuscany – Italy
$695.00 incl GST

You select up to 8 sessions giving you 4 hours of jam packed video or phone sessions. This package is designed for Career Changers, tailored to suit the individual personally for you.

As a Career Changer we work with you to create the changes or advance in your career. As a Career Changer we will  develop ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding to you.  You will gain assistance to  determine appropriate action steps that will allow you  to meet your career goals.

Mentoring made easy for everyone

As an individual who had worked in the same career for over 25 years, I was looking for redirection and a career change. Richard, with his excellent communication and mentorship skills, was inspirational, encouraging and challenged me to look at different avenues and aspects I had not contemplated. His professional manner coupled with his insight, knowledge and experience in recruitment and business was evident. He is very personable and honest. It was a pleasure working with him. Celia – Christchurch – New Zealand 
$1195.00 incl GST

This package is designed for anyone includes job seekers, business owners, start ups. You will receive between 8 & 16 video or phone sessions, up to 8 hours in total allowing you to take everything to the next level. We will be in your corner supporting you with more in-depth and comprehensive support over your 10 sessions. We ensure that you are heading down the right path with this program. You will receive the ultimate support in your sessions working towards your ideal outcome. *Prior to commencing the package we will establish a plan to obtain the ideal outcome. There is ongoing extensive support after each session. This package as allowing accountability for you offering weekly sessions for up to 16 weeks.

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