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Career Assist Outplacement Consulting for Employees


LME Mentoring will provide you with Outplacement Consulting services for your employees. 

As outplacement consultants, we are career professionals that offer individualised services to employees. Career Transitions & Outplacement must be handled in a professional, caring and effective way. Our main responsibilities include advising, assisting and guiding the employee in the right direction.

This includes providing your employees with professional career assist support one on one using the most up-to-date information on the current job market. The support is personalised, flexible and explains how your current employees can best position themselves in the market, including identifying suitable job opportunities and how to present themselves effectively to future employers.

Who benefits from career transition/outplacement support? 

The career transition/outplacement services we offer supports all affected individuals, including:  

✓Retrenched employees, who are able to work through the emotional aspects of their job loss and find new jobs more quickly using strategies provided throughout the program.

✓Remaining employees, seeing that their former coworkers are being taken care of, trust that they will be treated fairly.

✓Management, having prevented litigation and feelings distrust from remaining employees, can rest easy knowing that they provided for employees at every step of the way.

As an LME client you can be assured that your obligations to both existing and previous employees are personally managed by one of our LME Coaches in a caring and holistic manner; thereby giving the person involved the best chance of developing their career to the maximum potential or to quickly find suitable alternative employment. 

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